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I was born in Mexico City in the last moments of the 70s. There I grew up between the big and chaotic City and with the intense blue skies of Guaymas, Sonora and Nayarit. Lands of my mother and my maternal grandmother live in my imagination and feelings to this day. 
When I migrated to Finland, those landscapes began to flourish. The contrast with my new reality made me pay attention to the forest and the calm sea.
My paths and the notes in my notebooks have been a guide to the steps I am taking through this city. 

I remember Myself. Video-performance

2019 I was continue my reflections on mechanics of conformity and the coming-up it was a video performance.

I remeber Myself. Installation

At 2017 I start to work with MOC -Mechanics of the Conformity Collective-. This collaboration lead me to a deeper reflection about how norms and values are introjected into our behavior since our childhood. Installation at Espoo Center during "Objekti4" the Contemporary Art Festival in 2018.

Interrupted Cosiness. Sonic installation

Since 2015, we have heard about Trump’s wall when he announced himself a presidential candidate in United States of America. This sonic-poem (2017) was written thinking how hate speech are growing behind the borders.

América había antes que vos

Collective poem installation workingwith Roxana Crisólogo and Martina Miño as part of Maailman Kylässä 2016. This installation is the antecedent of our collective SomoslaColectiva

PASSANGERS. Poetry intervention

2015 as part of Mänttä Art Weeks, our collective Third Space, was invited to take part in the festival with a series of interventions. This poem (written by myself) was installed by the collective and Yvapüro Samaniego at the main entrance of the festival.

Flying Woman

Sculpture installation which refers to the importance of uniting feminine creative energies to make better world.

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