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Rosamaría Bolom (1977)

Sculptor of dreams in paper

Rosa María better known as Rosamaría Bolom. She was born in Mexico City. In 2002 after receiving her degree in psychology and entering the world of the arts, she took part in an educational project in the highlands of Chiapas State, in a Zapatista community. There children called her Bolom Bolom (a tzotzil word that means jaguar, cat, feline), in reference to her feline features.  From that date Rosamaría takes her stage name and begins to combine her interest in psychology and art in her artistic and indivudual practice. She  is  convinced that art is the best tool to positively influence our society.


As a multidisciplinary artist she is working mostly with text, masks, sculpture and interventions to explore the limits of the imaginary, the symbolic and the real. Her work reflects on the concept of human dignity in the context of globalization.


Her artistic and personal practice is based on the collectivity, otherness, subjectivity, human relationships, symbolic language, identity, migration, feminism, human rights, pedagogical tools and sharing spaces to create a bridge for understanding.


In 2009 she arrived to Finland, where she currently lives as a Finnish citizen and where she has been involved in the formation of three emblematic collectives: Third Space Gallery -a cross border transcultural artist space that seeks to erase the invisible lines that separate us offering a space free of charge to the artists in Helsinki-, MOC Collective and SomoslaColectiva. Collectives working on identity issues. The last one addresses the transfiguration of Latin American identity through experimental poetry, while the latter aims to further explore the concepts of identity, relationships, perceptions, liberation and otherness through hair.


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