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Katu Kertoo

Street: 1. A public way or thoroughfare, usually paved, in a village, town or city, including sidewalk or sidewalks

The street is full of life, with an overflow of dialects; words, signs and sounds in constant transformation. It is populated by symbols and representations of others that remain as evidence.


We, passengers of life, mimic in a multitude of faces and globalized urban landscapes, documenting our ephemeral journey through images.

Katu kertoo is a photo-installation by Rosamaría Bolom that observes the traces left by others, portrayed in the form of street photography taken from year 2008 until 2016 around 20 countries such as Mexico, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan, Spain, Indonesia, Palestine, Jordan, Georgia, Armenia etc. 


"Everyday life invents itself by poaching in countless ways on the property of others.”

― Michel de Certeau, The Practice of Everyday Life

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