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Interrupted Cosiness 

Interrupted Cosiness is a sound-poem-installation. It is showing how in faraway places Trump’s words begin to interrupt everyday life.

Poem: Rosamaría Bolom

Sound landscapes: Miguel Cortés

Voices: Rosamaría Bolom (Spain),  Ville Rekula (Finnish) & Petra Haapio (English)

Translations:  Anne Ketola (Suomi & English) & Ingrid  Amarouche (Estonian)

Wall builders in EKKM: Marten Esko, Johannes Säre & Kirill Tulin

Wall builders in KRAAM: Killu Sukmit & Minna Hint

Year of Publication: 2017

Since 2015, we have heard about Trump’s wall when he announced  himself as a presidential candidate for United States of America.


“Now I want to build the wall. We need the wall. The border patrol, ICE, they all want the wall. We stop the drugs, we shore up the border”. Trump, 2016.


President Trump is looking to make his Pharaonic project reality under the pretext that this and other actions  will restore America´s greatness.


The situation regarding the wall is not a question about if it will be “functional as a better border security" or if it will be a wall with a “big”, very "beautiful door” neither if it will "be 50-foot-high solar-paneled barrier".


The wall is an attempt to institutionalize his ideology and discourse on  racial segregation, hatred, fear, domination and power.


In the age of Donald Trump  physical and invisible walls are growing and not all people realize it. RMB 2017

Museum of Estonia EKKM, 2017

Kraam -artist-run space 2018


© 2020 by Rosamaría Bolom

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