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Katu Kertoo Suomesta// Street talk from Finland

Photography installation

When I came to live in Finland (year 2009) I started  to make a kind of documentation about the streets in Helsinki and other cities. I was very surprised by the differences and similarities between Finland and Mexico. My interest as psychologist and artist led me to concentrate on the traces left by others. The new landscapes and their characters made me an observer of my new reality.  Traces of culture and social discourses recollected by street photography during all this time in Finland and other countries.


At 2016 I felt the need to reflect about streets and their meaning in my subjectivity. This reflection led me to create Katu kertoo//Street Talks-, an installation that observes the traces left by others around 21 countries, portrayed in the form of street photography.


After that, Dear Suomi leads me to a deeper reflection about what it means to live in “the most socially happy country in the world”.  For this exhibition I selected one painting and 55 photographs taken in Finland from 2009 to 2017, they are showing a part of the speeches that we are heard on these years in the streets.


“The street is full of traces of life, with an overflow of dialects; words, signs and sounds in constant transformation. It is populated by symbols and representations of others that remain as evidence. We, the passengers of life, are the witnesses of the street”. Bolom

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