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Masks and Dreams

Masks and dreams have been my personal obsessions to develop my art. Drawing, painting, photography and above all sculpture from the Mexican cartonería. As a child I had my first experiences with this technique, the "Mexican cardboard", at home -beside my mother- when we made piñatas for our parties. She was not a craftswoman or artist, but she enjoyed doing it.


When I grew up, I met a wonderful artist that showed me and shared this technique and its secrets. Over the years since 2000I have developed my skills in this technique specializing in masks, fantastic creatures and paper sculptures.

When I came to Finland I took back everything I learned in Mexico, both as psychologist and artist and began to explore the limits of the real, the symbolic and the imaginary through masks and fantastic beings. However, my experience as a migrant has made me focus on the concept of human dignity in the context of globalization.

Until now I am working and promoting this traditional technique, through workshops and artist collaborations.

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