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Third Space

I am founding-member of Third Space. A a cross border transcultural collective that seeks to erase the invisible lines that separate us. Since 2013 and until December 2021, Third Space Collective had a pshysical space trying to germinate ideas, a space for encounters, a space for people, art and its production. “Our collective endeavour to translate theories into actions”. 


As the art field is becoming more and more capitalized and art practices are becoming increasingly individualized, we aim to accentuate collaborative practices over competitive ones. To support these ideas, Third Space Gallery had a space free of charge.


MOC -mechanics of conformity


Four women (Rosamaría Bolom, Edwina Goldstone, Sepideh Rahaa & Arlene Tucker) are MOC Collective. They/us, we are using hair as a starting point for open discussion events around how we as humans, conform or do not conform to social norms. Speaking from deeply personal experiences we strive to create a safer and non-judgemental space to investigate concepts of human relationships, perceptions, identity, liberation, representation and otherness. 

avajaiset (3).JPG

LA COLECTIVA  is us. Five women. Latin American poets, visual artists and academics based in Helsinki, Finland. We use poetry and art to experiment its relationship with other forms of language and communicate contents that have been silenced or under represented by the hegemonic voices that define marginality and the peripheries.  Our experience as artists living abroad has inspired us to talk about themes such as “origin” and “destination”, “ home”, and the different faces identity can have. 

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