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Traces and faces of Uncertainty 

Faces and Traces of Uncertainty is a masked collection whose main purpose was to bring out the different emotions that affected at the beginning of the pandemic, taking as a point of inspiration the exhibition of Catalysti curated by Anne Klontz: 2084, based in George Orwell's novel 1984.

"Those moments of uncertainty and pandemic made me reflect on the vulnerability of human existence in the face of the inhuman interests of the capital system. Under what circumstances can the system be interested in the health of its main workforce?"

"(...) Global quarantine forces us to think about the future without leaving the present aside. 2020 is a crucial year to look ahead to 2084 and the centuries to come. We cannot stay and contemplate the "catastrophe" waiting for vaccines, for international agreements and for country leaders to find solutions for the panacea. It is up to us to stem from our individuality and coincide (virtually, face-to-face, hybridly) and begin to weave bonds of solidarity and empathy towards a shared future where restoring balance with the natural is imminent". 

Rosamaría Bolom

September, 2020. Helsinki, Finlandia
English translation by Anne Ketola


This mask collection was part of 2084,  a collective exhibition curated by Anne Klontz as part Catalysti cultural program at Kaapelitehdas in October, 2020.

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