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Joy is a child’s right! Rights for everyone! 

-Art for children

and for the society-

Traveling Educational Exhibition

"Do you know why it is important that we all know the universal rights that guarantee equality and dignity for ALL of us? 

Joy is a child's right! Rights for everyone! -Art for children and for the society- is a traveling educational exhibition composed by paper sculptures based on the articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. They are accompanied by an explanatory text that talks about problems that children and adolescents face around the world. This exhibition also includes the Animal Series for Children, animal paintings based on African savannas animals and a Finnish insect that they are at risk of extinction. Due to, in fact, it is impossible to understand human rights without taking into consideration other living creatures and their rights!

This exhibition help . 

This artistic project seeks to raise awareness in Finnish society about the parallel realities that other children face around the world. Help children understand why it is important to fight against prejudice, racism, misunderstanding, and material and emotional shortages.

Exhibitions until now: 

3.10-24.11. 2022 Lilla Villan, Sipoo

3-27.11-2020 Myötätuuli, Raahe

5-30.11.2019 Main Library of Kotka

26.2-21.3.2020 Main Library of Hamina

6-30.3.2019, International Cultural Centre CAISA

4.11-16.12.2018, Art Cultural Center for Children Annantalo

If you are interested in this exhibition, take contact: tatagatabolom(@)

This art-project was born at the beginning of 2015, when the writer Jean-Henrik Johansson commissioned an sculpture on paper about children's rights. The piece motivated me to continue a storytelling and sculpture project on children about their struggles in society.

"This exhibition is dedicated to you who are on the first or second decade of your life; this is a time in which you are playing a lot, getting to know the world and learning many important things. This exhibition is dedicated to you who have heard about human rights and already know the RIGHTS you have as a child and adolescent". RMB

Sculptures and paintings made thanks to Alfred Kordelin Foundation.

Exhibition supported by Yhteiset Lapsemme and Intekult Kulttuuriyhdistämö.

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