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space poem

In 2015, when Third Space Collective was invited by Kalle Hamm and Dzamil Kamanger  to do an intervention Mänttä Art Festival at "New Present" edition. I wrote five poems in Finnish for this intervention. Only three were published. 


"Flaying Woman" was born as a reflection about dignity, hope and equal opportunities for everyone in the universe.

Lentäviä Naisia

Laulu ja tanssi elämälle

kerromme rauhasta toivosta

ja tasa-arvoisista mahdollisuuksista

Olemme yhtä aikaa  tuuli, voima ja intohimo

Rytmiä, ääniä ja sanoja tuntemattomista paikoista

Monikasvoisia lentäviä naisia

jotka taistelevat omasta paikastaan maailmankaikkeudessa



Flying Women  

A song and a dance for life  

we bring the message of peace, hope

and equal opportunities  

We are wind, power and passion at the same time  

Rhythm, voices and words from unknown places

Flying women with many faces

fighting for their place in the universe


Rosamaría Bolom

Translated by Anne Ketola

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