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Juuret by La Colectiva collective. Feminist Summer schooll. Tutkijaliitto, Suomenlinna. Finland


Mechanics of the Conformity. Duo Performance in collaboration with Sepideh Rahaa. Riga Performance Festival. Riga, Latvia


Juuret by La Colectiva collective. RunoKuu festival. Lavaklubi, Helsinki. Finland

Roots and Dreams. Concept for the Sanahuone: Revolutionary poetry performance. RunoKuu Festival. Bio Rex, Helsinki, Finland


Three points of view: What is the meaning of life? Performative Assembly with music, contemporary dance and poetry. With the intervention of Viktor X and Geneva Rosett-Hafter at the Night of the Arts. Weekend Gallery. Helsinki. Finland

Unattainable Maps. Visual poetry and collage with Martina Miño, Roxana Crisólogo, Lalo Barrubia. Maailma Kylässä, Helsinki  


Voices of F. Monika-Naiset Liito. Astoria Saali. Helsinki

Mutanttikieltä goes Jyväskylä. Poetry intervention with the intervention of the Nepalist artist, Abhisek Nakarmi. Gloria Cultural Centre. Jyväskylä

Ashes. Intervention at Ashes Performance by Diana Soria Hernandez in the Teatteri Korkeakoulu.

Voices of F. Feminist Festival of Social Theater. St. Petersburg, Russia

OccupARTy. Intervention with Eva´s Ribs project in Caisa at OccupARTy Artist' Week. Caisa

Kehonvapaus. Moderm Slaves. Performance at Caisa.


SanahuoneMigrate. Poetry performance with sound art performance at Caisa.  

Ayotzinapa: Actions y Reflections. Intervention and performance at Third Space, Helsinki


Ayotzinapa: Actions and Reflections.  Intervention and performance at Third Space, Helsinki

Sielun kieli. Nainen joka puhu suomea. Poetry performance at Caisa Cultural Centre, Helsinki

Noche Andaluza-Tarde de Toros. Poetry & flamenco with Cinta Hermo, Helmi Restaurant, Helsinki

Songs of life & death. Noche de Vela. Poetry performance with James Andean at Caisa Cultural Centre, Helsinki

Kirjallisuusilta. Nainen, joka puhuu suomea. Poetry evening at Pakilan Kirkko, Helsinki

Prospero's veils. Intervention at City Ghettos of Today, Centre Forum, Helsinki

Runobus. Poetry performance Maailma Kylässä, Helsinki

Caracol multicultural. Rojos ayer-rojos ahora. Poetry performance at Maailman Kirja, Helsinki

Poetry show case. Rojos ayer-rojos ahora. Poetry performance at Third Space, Helsinki

Jälkylöylyt. Nainen, joka puhuu suomea. Poetry sauna at Arla Sauna, Helsinki

Naisten elämäntarinoita. Nainen, joka puhuu suomea. Poetry happening at Caisa Cultural Centre, Helsinki

Alku. Poetry happening at Third Space, Helsinki

Talvitunnelma. Poetry happening Pub Sirdie, Helsinki

Orality. Poetry Happening at Pub Sirdie, Helsinki

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