Nautintojen Tiet


Pathways of Desire

​The capitalism has created norms to regulate human behavior and guarantee social order. The capitalism as a religion, according to philosophers Walter Benjamin (1921) and Michel Löwy (1978), is a worship that feeds from guilt and despair.


The restrictions imposed originally by religions have been manipulated in order to assure the re-production of the actual system.


The fear and violence (Anger), the commercialization of sex (Lust), irrational consumerism, existential vacuum (Envy, Gluttony, Sloth), horizontal power relations (Pride) and misery (Avarice) are clear evidence of it.

In that sense, Nautintojen Tiet masks collection is a reflection on the capital sins vs. media manipulation in a current context.

And because I believe that the main cause of all evils is the corruption I included a metal mask as part of the collection.

Year: 2010

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Metal 36x15x16cm 2010 Photography by Saara Salmi